Anchor Chain Stopper

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Anchor Chain Stopper

Anchor Chain Stopper

1. Main Material: cast steel (SBM90-60)

2. Color: red or as required;

3. Size: customized;

4. Durable and long service life;

5. Application: offshore oil engineering;

6. Reasonable and competitive price;

7. High quality product;

8. Excellent service

9. Certificate: CCS

10. Packing: standard or as required;

11. Payment Method: L/C, T/T etc.

We also supply other types of marine chain stoppers:

1. JIS F2002 Bar Type Chain Stopper;

2. JIS F2033 Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper;

3. JIS F2023 Cast Bar Type Chain Stopper;

4. JIS F2032 Roller Pawl Type Chain Stopper;

5. CB T3844-2000 Chain Stopper;

6. CB 286-84 Bar Type Chain Stopper;

7. GB T178-96 Spiral Type Chain Stopper;

8. JIS F2031 Pawl Type Chain Stopper;

9. JIS F2016 Pawl Type Chain Stopper;

10. JIS F2015 Cast Steel Chain Stopper;

11. CB T3822-99 Adjustabble Chain Stopper;

12. OCIMF Type Chain Stopper;

Anchor Chain Stopper

Anchor Chain Stopper

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