Marine Air Conditioner

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Marine Air  Conditioner

Marine Air Conditioner:

• Features: low noise, reliable run and complete protections
• Air flow: 220025000m3/h
• External static pressure: 800-1500Pa
• Heating capacity: 35kW302kW
• Cooling capacity:23kW302kW
• Cooling medium: Refrigerant(R 134a R 404AR 407CR22) or chilled water
• Heating medium: steam, hot water, thermal oil and el heating
• Humidifing medium: steam, fresh water
• Protection: power supply protection, overheat, overload, antifreeze and filter mesh clog.
• Low noise design: low noise fan with vibration mounted, optional perforated sheet design
• Control: button control or PLC control
• Optional control: auto regulate supply water flow as per the return air/supply air, the ratio of fresh air/return air can be auto controlled
• Power supply:3-380V/50Hz3-440V/60Hz
• Certificate: CCSABSDNVLRBV Upon requested, special Ex air handling unit can be made with normal class ExdBT4

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