CLN Marine Condensing Unit

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CLN Marine Condensing Unit

CLN Marine Condensing Unit :

marine condensing unit are to provide refrigerant liquid for direct end device of air conditioning system. The plant has feature of new design,easy operation,stable working,safety and conveninent maintaining etc.They are widely applied for all kinds of passenger ships,cargo ships and oil platforms etc.


Cooling capacity:23W-302KW

Mainly composed of compressor,condenser,drier evaporator and themal expansion valve

Choosing name brand refrigeration compressor

Main control are imported famous brand

Condenser is HAL77-2 or Bfe10-1-1 high effieient heat transfering pipe,which can protect ship swinging from flow stop

Pressure test,vacuum test and running test have been done defore delivery

Ready for operation only when connected with water pipe and power source

Design,manufacture and inspection comply with CCS and navy standards

Special design and manufacture can be done upon use¡¯s requirement

CLN Marine Condensing Unit

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