CALZ Marine Refrigeration Plant

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CALZ Marine Refrigeration Plant

CZLZ marine refrigeration plant

marine refrigeration plant is the important equipments of food refrigeration system.It regulates the room tempeature according to the requirement of the retaining food.The plant has feature of new design,easy operation,stable working,safety and conveninent maintaining etc.They are widely applied for all kinds of passenger ships,cargo ships and oil platforms etc.


Cooling capacity:2KW-34KW

The working condition of cooling capacity in the table:condensing temp 40¡æ£¬evaporating temp -25¡æ

Cooling capacity is the only for one refrigeration compressor

Large capacity screw unit can be designed upon requested

Main composed by compressore,condenser,valves and assembly(expansion valve and solenoid valve) etc

Chossing imported piston refrigeration compressor

Main controls are imported famous brand

Pressure test,vacuum test and running test have been done before delivery

Ready for operation only when connected with pipes and power source

Design,manufacture an inspection comply with ccs and navy standards

Special design and manufacture can be done upon use¡¯s requirement

CALZ Marine Refrigeration Plant

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