Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

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Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

Manual lever wire rope block is a kind of safe, efficient, durable, new type hoisting machinery product. It has three big functions: lifting, pulling and tensioning. And the whole structure of it is reasonable, with high safety coefficient and long sevice life. The main partsof it adapts high quality steel, which make it safe and durable.

Producct details:

1. Minimum capacity: 1T: maximum capacity: 10T

2. Usage: lifting, fixing, binding, traction and so on.

3. The main parts of it adopt high quality steel product to ensure durability.

4. Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement.

Safety notice:

1. Please check hooks, wire rope, wheel bearings and other accessories before use.

2. Do not over weight used.

3. Strictly prohibit people to work under it when it working.

4. Gear and spring should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.

5. Please select the appropriate tonnage of block according to the weight of the load.


Capacity(T) 0.8 1.6 3.2
Diameter of chain(mm) 8.3 11 16
Running test load(T) 1.2 2.4 4
Net weight(kg) 7 14 25
A(mm) 420 620 630
B(mm) 250 315 360
C(mm) 102 126 150

Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

Sketch of the manual lever wire rope block

Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

Manual Lever Wire Rope Block

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