Manual Lever Chain Hoist

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Manual Lever Chain Hoist

Manual Lever Chain Hoist

Lever hoist is a kind of manual lifting tool, which is easy to use and simple to carry. It can be used for lifting, traction, drop, calibration etc. The working loading limit of it is generally not more than 50t. It is widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, lifting and so on. Lever hoist is safe, reliable, durable. Besides that, it has advantages of good performance, convinent maintenance, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, etc.

Features of lever chain hoist:

1. The body of it is made of structural steel;

2. High quality allloy chain;

3. The surface of it is finished by power painting;

4. It can allow the weight of 150% of the rated value.

Safety notices:

1. Do not longer the handle of it;

2. It is forbidden to operate it other than human power;

3. Please doní»t work under the object during lifting;

4. Carefullly inspected evry parts of it before use;

5. It is not allowed to keep it in the rain or very humid place;

6. After used, it should be clean, coated with anti-rust oil, and placed in the dry place.

Manual Lever Chain Hoist

VA Type Manual Lever Chain Hoist

Manual Lever Chain Hoist

HSH Series Manual Lever Chain Block

Manual Lever Chain Hoist

DC Type Manual Lever Chain Hoist

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