Life Ring

Life ring are fit for all kinds of vessels and aquatic equipments,used by the seaman and passengers for life saving. Life rings are designed for superior life expectancy in the most harsh environments.The life ring of more than 4.0kg are used to release the self-activated smoke signal,supplying life ring for the rescuees and research direction for the rescuers.We can supply life rings for different kinds of material and weight.In accordance with SOLAS 1974/1996,the international life-saving appliance code and MSC.81(70).


1.Inside material: Polyurethane closed-cell foam,Polyethylene plastic,Polyethylene foam,co2

2.Certifiction: EC,CCS


1.Lifebuoy should be resistant to high temperature, no shrinkage, cracking, swelling, decomposition.
2.Lifebuoy cast backward from a predetermined height, there should be no cracking or breaking.
3.Buoy should be oil, no shrinkage, cracking, swelling, decomposition.
4.Lifebuoy should be fire-resistant and should not be burning or continue melting after fire.
5.Lifebuoy 14.5kg of iron should be able to support sustained in fresh water floating 24h.
6.Lifebuoy hanging in the free case, you should be able to withstand sustained 30min 90kg weight without cracking and permanent deformation.

Life Ring

Life Ring

Life Ring

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