Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy

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Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy

Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy:

Belt-type inflatable life buoy is a lifesaving product for leisure use.It has the advantages of small size,light weight,high lifesaving ratio and it's suitable for lifesaving requirements in emergent situation.


1.Material:Polyether TPU



4.Inflation time:Manual°‹5s,Auto°‹2s

5.Buoyance keeping:24 hours in fresh water, less than 5%

6.Gas cylinder:CO2 , 17g

7.Ambient temperature for use:-30°ś°ę+65°ś



10.Application field:Boating and Fishing;Marine Navigation;Water entertainment


1.When using, spread out the life buoys, according to the individual waist size, adjust the length of life buoys, making the body feel 'appropriate tight'.

2.After falling into the water,when automatic pneumatic device touch the water,the life buoys will automatically inflate instantly to saturation within 5s,then the upper part of the body can float on the water, waiting for rescue.

3.After use, open the inflatable tube lid, Press and hold the top of the valve of the inflatable tube, hand out the gas in life buoys, to effectively check if there is any damage just like a hole and restore the state of life buoys before use, with new ones automatic inflation device can be reused.

Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy

Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy

Auto Belt-type Inflatable Lifebuoy

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