Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy

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Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy

Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy:

It is a lifesaving products designed for offshore operation, widely used in boating and fishing, maritime navigation; water, entertainment and other fields. Unlike other fixed type buoy, carbon-dioxide life buoy can exhibit different forms before being inflated, it's convenient for us to use as a belt worn on the body, also, when not in use, you can easily store it. It is attached a 30 meters of rope to ensure the rescue can quickly connect to the life buoy.Looking forward to your inquiry,we can also provide other Marine Equipment for Life Saving and Fire Fighting.Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any items.

Main technical parameters:


3.Inflation time:5s
4.Buoyancy loss after 24h:5%
5.CO2 weight:17g
6.Float duration:24h
7.Ambient temperature for use:-30C~ +65C
8.Validity:3 years
Main advantages:
1.Small size,easy to store
2.Light weight,easy to throw
3.High lifesaving ratio and it is suitable for lifesaving requirements in emergency situation
4.A 30 meters of rope attached to this life buoy can quickly connect to the life buoy.
5.There are manual and auto two types offered

Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy

Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy

Carbon-dioxide Life Buoy

A 30 meters of rope

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