High pressure pipe locking machine

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High pressure pipe locking machine

DSG75 high pressure pipe locking machine

Crimping Range (Hose ID):1/4-3 inches(6-75mm)
The locking & pressing force£º 725T
The motor model£º Y132M-4
The power£º 7.5KW
The rotation speed£º 1440r/min
The gear pump model£º CBF-E540-ALPL
The relief valve model£º YF-L20H3-S
The reversal valve model£º 34SM-L20H-W
The oil tank capacity£º 100kg
The equipment size(L¡ÁW¡ÁH)£º 2000¡Á850¡Á1500
The weight£º 1200kg

DSG150 high pressure pipe locking machine

High-pressure hose crimping machine(DSG150)
The locking & pressing force 1130T
1. The usage
The machine is an enhanced type of a high pressure locking tube machine in model 75, which is the special equipment for pressing the tube end of a high pressure rubber tube with a outer cover and a core together for the production or repair a hydraulic support.
2. The composition and the main technical characters
The machine is composed of a locking & pressing mechanism, a motor, a gear pump, a control valve and an oil tank.
Maximum inside diameter of attaching
Rubber tube:150mm
Maximum length of attaching bent:320mm

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