DW130NCBL Semi-automatic Pipe Bending Machine

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DW130NCBL Semi-automatic Pipe Bending Machine

DW130NCBL Semi-automatic Pipe Bending Machine

Characteristics of CNC pipe bending machine is practical, use the PLC + axis control module to control two motor shaft, electric hydraulic proportional control rotary arm shaft, main electrical and hydraulic parts are used imported components. English graphical user interface, the operation is very convenient, using bender personnel in general a day to learn. Due to the use of PLC as main control system, the maintenance personnel requirements are not very high, junior and mid-level technical personnel can do. The series of machines for financial strength is not very adequate, or new enterprise is a better choice. Its main users for the automobile muffler factory, motorcycle frame manufacturing plant, shipbuilding, etc..

Technical specification:
Bending material: shaped steel: round tube, square tube, channel steel, angle steel, flat steel,-beam, etc.

Stainless steel: square tube, pipe, shaped material ,elliptical tube shaped tube etc.

Copper: square tube, pipe, shaped material, elliptical tube shaped tube etc..

Shaped aluminum: building decoration with a variety of materials and balcony railings, railings, etc..

Max bending length: 9-12.5 meters

Minimum bending radius: not restricted by equipment, only by the material itself Cold Bending Properties Limited, in mechanics of materials allowed is not restricted.

Bending properties: Standard arc, elliptical arc, non-standard arc, U type, S type, symmetric and asymmetric arc.

Post bending mass:

Various profiles can be formed at one time, such as spraying, polishing, electroplating, electrophoresis, drawing the mirror surface treated materials can be bending processing and will not damage, deformation, due to the cold bending processing, but also to increase the strength of the material.

Hollow, complex section of the profile can be formed once. In the case of the relative bending radius, the inner wall will not wrinkle, and the section will not be distorted.

Tension bending can effectively eliminate the residual stress in the material, and the product has good dimensional stability.

Because the metal material cold hardening, material by bending, can improve the mechanical properties of materials.

Can bend a variety of curve shape

In addition to regular bent circular and curved U, S, W shaped, oval, parabolic, arc with a straight section shape, cone curve, a curve with a radius and a series of complex curve shape.

main specifications DW130NCBL Remark
Maximum bending diameter x wall thickness 130mm8mm 1 minimum bending radius according to the diameter of the pipe
2 maximum bending radius can be based on customer requirements
3 maximum wear core length can be based on customer requirements
Maximum bending radius R400mm
minimum bend radius According to the diameter
Maximum bending angle 190
maximum feeding length 3500mm
working speed Elbow speed Max 85/s
Rotating speed Max 200/s
Feed rate Mechanical fixed value
Working accuracy Elbow precision 0.1
Feeding precision 0.1
Feeding precision Mechanical fixed value
Bend mode Hydraulic bend
Servo motor power 2kw
Pipe fittings 16
Number of parts can be stored 16
Hydraulic motor power 22kw
Maximum system pressure 14Mpa
Machine size 6630 x 1920 x 1600mm
machine weight 8000kg

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