Environment Protection Fiber Blanket

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Environment Protection Fiber Blanket

Product Description

Environment protection fiber blanket,is made of good natural coal gangue etc, melt athigh temperature and to produce fibers by physical change. double needling into shape. The product is

white, high tensile strength, less dust, wide width and soft and environmental£¬with characteristics of heatpreservation, heat insulation, fire resistance and sound insulation.

Product Features:

¡ò Safe and effective fire-resistant performance

Refractoriness >1580 ¡æ£¬pure inorganic refractory fiber, with excellent fire-resistant performance and stable thermal insulation performance.

¡ò No smoke

No smoke when meeting with fire.

¡ò Softness

100% pure fiber content, highly soft and easily packaging.

¡ò Environmental protection and without hazard

The fiber is not sobered into the lung£¬not harmful to the body.

¡ò High tensile strength

The single of fiber is from 15-20mm, double needling and high tensile strength.

Elementary Dimension:

Environment Protection Fiber Blanket

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