Biowool Marine Blanket

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Biowool Marine Blanket

Product Description

Biowool marine blanket is a kind of low biological persistence and hydrophobic inorganic alkaline soil silicate fibre
product made from silica, calcium and magnesium raw materials. It is degradable in human body fluids and completely
harmless to human body. It has the properties of fire prevention, heat preservation and sound insulation. It is a pure

inorganic environmental protection soluble material. It is widely used in Ro-Ro passenger ships, offshore platforms and other ship types requiring weight reduction.

Product Features

Environmentally friendly

Biowool marine blanket has been tested in mice and has certain degradability in human body fluids. It belongs

to exemption and non-restriction category (non-carcinogen) in the European Union 69/97/EC carcinogen safety

classification, and has passed the EC and EUCEB.

Safe and effective fire performance

Refractoriness > 1580 , pure inorganic refractory fibers, with excellent fire resistance, stable temperature resistance,

fire protection grade is: Aclass.

No flue gas

Pure inorganic fibers, needle-punched interwoven moulding, without any organic adhesives. In case of fire, smoke-free

generation, completely non-flammable.

Soft texture

The 100% whole fiber component is produced by needle-punched interweaving process, which guarantees the

flexible material of the product and is easy to construct.

Lightweight single square

Light density and thin thickness can greatly reduce the weight of the hull and make it lighter.

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Biowool Marine Blanket

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