Basalt Rock Wool Board

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Basalt Rock Wool Board

Product Description

Basalt rock wool are made of highquality natural basalt ore as the main raw material, through high temperature melting, high-speed centrifugal filament shaking, advanced three-dimensional production technology, adding

a small amount of binder, and heat curing and setting.

Because of its natural rock material and porous structure, the product has excellent thermal insulation,

sound insulation and fire resistance. In the case of fire, no smoke is produced, and the material is completely

non combustible. It can be used as the heat preservation, sound insulation and fireproof insulation of bulkhead,

deck and equipment, pipeline, etc. It can also be used as the core material of the vessel sanitary unit, floating

floor and composite wall. Its excellent compression and tensile properties, a very low water absorption, can

meet the needs of various insulation ship.

It can be based on customer demand, coated aluminum foil cloth or glass cloth and other decorative

materials in the product surface.

Product Features:

ˇňThermal insulation: With low shot content, long and thin porous fiber structure, low thermal conductivity,

excellent thermal insulation effect.

ˇňFireproofing: High quality raw materials, high temperature process, ensure the fireproof performance of

products; will not produce fuel dripping, no toxic fumes produced.

ˇňHydrophobic & Breathable: The hydrophobic technology of the product ensures that the rock wool is not

damp absorbed and used for a long time on the ship, and the porous interconnection structure makes the

product have good air permeability and moisture removal performance.

ˇňGood Strength: Three dimensional production technologies is adopted to ensure the high pressure and

high tensile strength of the product.

ˇňHealthy & Environment: No asbestos, non carcinogenic, IARCY (International Agency for research on

cancer) has been removed the rock wool from the list of 'can cause cancer'; rock wool is chemically inert,

neutral or alkaline water extract, no damage or corrosion and contact materials.

ˇňApplications: Products can be arbitrarily cut, convenient construction.

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Basalt Rock Wool Board

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