Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

Bow thruster is installed on special vessels such as engineering vessel, RORO vessel, container tanker, ferry and tugboat etc. When the ship is docking or steering, bow thruster can be used as auxiliary propulsion to improve the maneuverability of the ship. Our bow thrusters are driven by engine, electric or hydraulic motor. There are some details the following:

1. Engine drive bow thruster: Connect bow thruster coupling through marine engine with gearbox. Compact structure fit to bow thruster room of small vessel. The installation can be L-type drive or Z-type drive.

2. Electric drive bow thruster: Being widely installed, electric motor environment friendly, much less gas pollution discharge, much higher efficiency with max. 95% use.

3. Hydraulic motor bow thruster: Power supply from hydraulic pack; compare with electric motor, hydraulic motor has much smaller dimension and can save a lot of space.

Drawing and specification:

Bow Thruster

Drawing of Engine Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

Drawing of Electric Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

Drawing of Hydraulic Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

Part description


Blade, hub

Nickel-aluminum bronze, meet classification rules

Drive shaft, gear

High class alloy steel, tooth surface is hardened, meet classification rules

Propeller shaft

High class alloy steel, meet classification rules

Gear box

Cast iron, meet classification rules


Class B steel plate, meet classification rules

Propeller shaft seal


O ring


Product picture:

Bow Thruster

Ship Bow Thruster

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