Ballast Water Filter

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Ballast Water Filter

Ballast Water Filter

Ballast Water Filter

The automatic self-cleaning filter serves to remove larger organisms and sediment particles, improving the transparency of water, and hence the effectiveness of UV irradiation.

The filter is designed to automatically back-flush itself at the end of each ballasting or de-ballasting operation, and when a timer is triggered or preset differential pressure caused by solids built up on filter screen is reached.

This automatic back-flushing mechanism keeps the filter screen clean and provides reliable, non-stop operation at high sediment loads. All organisms and particles removed by the filter are continuously returned to the sea at ballasting site. The filter is bypassed during the de-ballasting operation.

¡ñSmall volume and reasonable space

¡ñHigh treatment capacity

¡ñGood filtering effect

¡ñLow pressure loss and flush swimmingly

¡ñEspecially suitable for atrocious sea water conditions

¡ñPressure difference control, time set control and manual control

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