Watertight Clear View Screen

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Watertight Clear View Screen

Watertight Clear View Screen

The rotating window suitable for installation on the observation window of the cab, using the center of the frame, motor driven centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of the glass window,thrown addition to attached to the window on the rain, snow, or the waves splash, in order to maintain a clear vision.In addition, the product can be with a heating device.This product complies with CB644-1992 'marine rotating window' standard


1.Supply Voltage: AC 220V AC110V

2.Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

3.Input power: 80W

4.Protection class:

Outdoor part: IP56

The indoor section: IP23

5.Install wall thickness (mm): 8,10,12,15, 19

Note: Average installation size 15 ~ 19mm

6.Motor speed :1800 200 r / min

Watertight Clear View Screen

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