Single-armed Straight Line Marine Wiper

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Single-armed Straight Line Marine Wiper

Single-armed Straight Line Marine Wiper

It is also the straight line marine wiper, but it only has one arm. Compared with the double-armed straight line marine wiper, it is mainly used in the small window of the ship or boat. It can make the window clear and clean in the rain, snow, ice or dust environment. It is necessary for the ship or boat.And installation of them for marine ships is mandatory requirement of classification society. It can ensure your safety in the rainy days.


1.Power supply:AC220V,AC10V,DC24V

2.Power supply frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

3.Stroke of wiping(mm):500°‹St°‹1600

4.Wiping speed:0.3~1.2m/s

5.Input Power:90w

6.Heater power:80-450w

7.Protection class:

Outdoor part:IP67

The indoor section:IP23

8.Outline dimension of control box(only for reference):



9.Power box external dimensions:


Mounting dimensions:280x170


Main unit is mounted above outdoor side scuttle with the rod swinging downwards. If needing

other installation method, both parties should confirm a special design and note it in technical



12.Optional parts: heater, waterworks, automatic resetting

Type Body Wipe Model Arm length Blade Length E(mm)
Stroke St(mm) A(mm)
WGP-JR-1 1100 900 Single arm
400-900(depend on center hight)

400-1000(depend on the hight of scraped glass)
WGP-JR-2 1200 1000
WGP-JR-3 1400 1200
WGP-JR-4 Non-standard Non-standard

Single-armed Straight Line Marine Wiper

Type,Outline Dimension and Mounting Dimension

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