Smoke Damper


A smoke damper is a passive fire protection product used in air conditioning and ventilation ductwork or installed in physical smoke barriers (such as walls).

This may be done to prevent the spread of smoke from where the fire started to other spaces within the same building.

A combination of fans and dampers can expel smoke from one area while pressurizing the smoke-free area around the affected area (inhibits the penetration of smoke into other areas)


Material: Galvanized Steel
Manual control type
Normally open, when the temperature reaches 70 , the valve will be closed after the fuse failure, and the smoke will be stopped from extending along the air duct.
When turned on, it can be used as a volume control damper, and there are 6 levels to adjust the air volume. Blade reset
by manual.
Air resistance f0.5.
W H depends on duct size.

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Smoke Damper

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