Adjustable Air Gravity Damper

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Adjustable Air Gravity Damper

Applications :

The garvity control damper applied for thoes wind ducts of air conditioning and ventilation system,The damper is specially designed for sea encironment,and made of stainless steel material,The gravity damper could effectively avoid erade from water,gas,salt and mist to ensure the normal operation under this kind of enviroment,and work well in HVAC duct system and keep the positive pressure in control area in order to prevent the reverse air flow,It particularly fits for humid environment such as fleet,plat form at sea and under ground engineering.

Features :

1.Damper are installed for duct to adjust air-flow.

2.Garvity hammer,pressure difference indicator and wind sluice comprise the control garvity damper.

3.To control the opening degree of wind sluice via the opening resistance of valve by controlable garvity hammer.

4.By imple menting the working principle to mantain ceertain positive value of venting and air-conditioning area.

Available size :




Flange size




According to GB1561-79

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Adjustable Air Gravity Damper

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Adjustable Air Gravity Damper

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