Rigid Rescue Boat With Inboard Engine

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Rigid Rescue Boat With Inboard Engine

Rigid Rescue Boat With Inboard Engine:

The material of boat body is fire-pretended type FRP. Rubber fender is fitted around the boat. Fit the self-righting device, it can self-righting by itself when capsized. Fit the off-load release mechanism with the safety pin. Equipments are equipped according to SOLAS requirement. The surface for walking is the antiskid. The deck can self-motion drainage. Our products comply with the requirements and rules of SOLAS, and amendment 1996, MSC, 81(70) andMCS218, MSC226, MSC272, MSC274. Welcome to contact us on this life boat.


1. Type: Life Boat

2. HullMaterial: FRP

3. Capacity: 25 persons

4. Speed: More than 6knots

5. Certificate: BV, CCS ABS

6. Export Markets: Global

7. Packing: Standard Package


1. Length: 4.64m

2. FRP Length: 4.5m

3. Breadth: 1.96m

4. FRP Breadth: 1.86m

5. Capacity: 6 Persons

6. Height: 2.4m

7. Depth: 0.86m

8. Fender: Rubber

9. Craft weight: 845 kg

10. Full Weight: 1340kg

11. Speed: More than 6 knots

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