Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor

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Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor

Rescue Boat with Aluminum Floor:

This rescue boat with aluminum floor is small one among these inflatable boats. Compact design with deep 'V' shape inflatable hull, it is I deal for personal recreations, as well as widely used in rescue boat in big yacht or some military purpose rescue boats. Alternatively, the inflatable boat can be manufactured from the Hypalon or PVC materials, we can customize the ship according to your requirments. At the same time, we also sell other products related to marine life-saving, fire fighting equipment for vessels. Please feel free to contact us if you are interest in any items.


1. HullMaterial: Hypalon

2. Fabrics Materials: 1.2mm PVC or 1.0mm Hypalon


1. Usage: Fishing, Drifting, Rescue

2. Air Pump: With Air Pump

3. Length: 3.2m; Inner Length: 2.2m

4. Beam: 1.70m;

5. Inner Width: 0.75m

6. Engine: 4Stroke

7. Carrying Capacity: 5

8. Floating Tube Diameter: 0.46m

9. Numbers of Air Compartments: 3

10. Payload: 500kg

11. Total Weight: 70kg

12. Max Power: 25hp

13. Certification: CE

14. Customized: Customized

Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor

Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor-A

Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor

Rescue Boat With Aluminum Floor-B

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