6 Person Inflatable Boat

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6 Person Inflatable Boat

6 Person Inflatable Boat:

The 6 person inflatable boat designed for leisure drifting and fishing or tourism rental on inland lakes and shallow sea. Light weight and foldable, it is easy to disassemble, transport, and reassemble. When you go out for water fun, it can be stored in the boot (trunk). Made of top quality PVC, the hull is highly resistant to damage, even after long-term exposure to the sun and sea water. Except inflatable boat, we also sell other products related to marine life-saving, fire fighting equipment for vessels. Please feel free to contact us on any item if you are interested.


1. HullMaterial: PVC

2. Application: Water sports, racing, marine patrol

3. Floor type: Aluminum or air mat

4. Max Capacity: 6

5. Length: 380CM

6. Color: Optional

7. Certification: CE

Standard accessories:

1. 1 pc foot pump

2. 1 pc repair kit

3. 2 pc aluminum oar

4. 2 pc large carrying bag

5. 1 pc wooden seat


Overall length

Overall width

Inside length

Inside width

Tube diameter

Air chambers

Net weight

Max person

Max power

Floor board

378 cm

176 cm

264 cm

85 cm

46 cm


85 kg


25 HP

Aluminum floor

6 Person Inflatable Boat

6 Person Inflatable Boat-A

6 Person Inflatable Boat

6 Person Inflatable Boat-B

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