Offshore Mooring Swivel Fairlead

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Offshore Mooring Swivel Fairlead

Offshore Mooring Swivel Fairlead

Swivel fairlead is used to guide the direction of wire ropes, chaging or limitting the position of wire ropes, and to reduce the friction between the cable and hull. swivel fairlead is different from normal fairlead, which can rotate 360 to meet the needs of different directions of cable.

Features of Swivel Fairlead

1. The integrated design of the main cylinder and roller - compact structure, suitful for small ships;

2. The swivel head can rotate freely around the main cylinder- high guiding flexibility, improving the speed of cable guiding and saving a lot of equipment and labor resource;

3. Bushings arranged at the front of the boards, making the wire/rope more smooth and avoiding the friction damage from the ribbed steel to the ropes;

4. High strength, good wear resistance, simple operation with 360 rotation

5. Application: used for ship berthing; also used in the engineering ship, tugboat, oil platform, drilling ships and other types of ship mooring and positioning

6. Withstand the breaking strength at 90warp on sheave and 90 rotation of swivel head


1. Type: 360 swivel fairlead;

2. Sheave: Single or Double;

3. Material: Steel

4. Manufacturing Process: Welding

5. Installation Method: Bolt Down/Weld Down

6. Size: customized

7. Paint: as your specifications

8. Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LR etc.

9. Can be customized according to customer's drawing

Offshore Mooring Swivel Fairlead

Offshore Mooring Swivel Fairlead

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