Marine Ventilator

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Marine Ventilator


The ventilator is a straight duct above and below the open deck. A hood arranged on the upper ventilation coaming is called a hood. The two form the Marine exhaust or suction special ventilation device.sometimes collectively referred to as the ventilator.

The Arrangement and Selection of Ventilator£º

The arrangement and selection of ventilator depends on the ventilation requirements of each cabin. For ships whose freeboard deck hatchways are less than 40% of the ship's width and where there is no shelter on deck, not less than two deck natural ventilators shall be provided in the diagonal position of each hold as low as possible. The diameter of the ventilator should be greater than 200mm, and the wall thickness should be no less than 3mm. The ventilator can be fixed type or movable type. The hood should be arranged as far as possible away from the exhaust pipe, skylight, chimney and boiler bulkhead, so as not to absorb dirty and hot air.

Windbreakers on open freeboard decks shall be provided with storm covers, and windbreakers on other decks shall also be provided with rain canvas covers.

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Marine Ventilator

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