Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

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Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

Hi-sea marine sanitary unit type B is composed of wall panel,ceiling panel,bottom plate,hardware,sanitary ware,lighting and water and electricity system.It is an independent and multi-function unit which has the functions of washing the face,showering and WC in a limited space.

As the decorative materials for the ships,our overall sanitary unit is widely used in various cabins in the letter,such as luxury cruise ships,maritime hotel,ferries,oil platforms,cargo ships,etc.It also can be used for land-based hotels,apartments and container mobile homes,etc.Its design completely conforms to the ISO standard, IMO standard, and the requirements of various Classification Societies,such as CCS,LR,GL,ABS,KR,DNV,NK,EC,etc.

Characteristics of marine sanitary unit Type B:

Excellent structure,flexible configuration,environmental protection and safety,thermal insulation,easy to clean

Material are various,such as steel plate,stainless steel ,aluminum,GRP,mosaic floor,epoxy floor,PVC,ceramic tile floor,etc.

Personalized overall design,factory production

Efficient installation,shorten the construction cycle

Note:The size of Hi-sea marine sanitary unit type B can be customized according to clientsĄŻ special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.

Bottom plate types are as follows:Marine Sanitary Unit Type BMarine Sanitary Unit Type B

Use the stainless steel bar to separate the shower area,the floor surface slightly tilts to the floor drain direction.

Shower area sinks, the floor surface slightly tilts to the shower area direction.

Hoisting Diagram:

Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

Hoisting is convenient, safe and reliable,use wire rope hook to hook the four rings of sanitary unit.balanced lifting,fall steadily to installation location.
According to the different chassis types, A and B two different hoisting methods can be chosen.

Circuit Principle Diagram:

Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

The circuit diagram is only for reference.Do change according to choosing different appliances.The circuit between the electric appliances adopt the parallel way.Use the high quality insulation cable to connect.Use the cable card to fix the cable on the metal panel.

Angle Supporter Joint:

Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

Angle supporter structure is simple and firm, convenient adjustment.Adjust the chassis height,after using a wrench to loose and tighten adjusting bolt to proper position,weld on deck.

Interior Scene View of Marine Sanitary Unit: The sanitary unit items can be offered according to clients' requests.

Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

Interior Scene View of Marine Sanitary Unit

Certificates:Marine Sanitary Unit Type B

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