Marine Rock Wool Wall Panel

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Marine Rock Wool Wall Panel


Rock wool board is a new type of heat preservation, fire insulation and sound absorption material.

  • Suitable for Marine floor, wall panel, ceiling, etc.


Hydrophobicity: The water repellency rate of hydrophobic rock wool products can reach 99.9%; the water absorption rate is extremely low, and there is no capillary penetration.
Moisture resistance: In an environment with high relative humidity, the volume moisture absorption rate of rock wool is less than 0.2%. According to ASTMC1104 or ASTM1104M method, the mass moisture absorption rate is less than 0.3%.
Non-corrosive: Rock wool has stable chemical properties, PH value is 7-8, neutral or weakly alkaline, and is suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, metal materials£¬etc.

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Marine Rock Wool Wall Panel

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