B25 Wall Panel


It is mainly used as an ideal material for interior decorative wall panels, ceilings and interior wall broken panels of various ships and marine operation platforms.

Marine fire protection products with appropriate veneer materials can be used in decks, bulkheads, engine rooms, control rooms and other parts with very high fire protection requirements.

Marine thermal insulation rock wool is widely used in cabins, ship sanitary units, crew rest, entertainment, etc.

The cabin provides the necessary noise reduction, thermal insulation and certain fire protection.

Main Parameters:

Surface material
0.6mm PVC laminated steel sheet
Core material 150kg/m2 Rock wool
Fire Class B-0/B-15
Sound Reduction 42dB
Thermal conductivity 0.50m2íŠ/W
Max length 3000mm
Panel weight 14.3kg/m2
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B25 Wall Panel

B25 Wall Panel

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