Marine Helmsman Chair

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Marine Helmsman Chair

Product Description

The standard rail length of the seat is 1.2meters.If you wan to lengthen,the rail can be customized according to the requirements.

The shape and color of the seat¡¯s surface can be customized according to customers¡¯ requirements.

The material of the seat¡¯s surface is made of black high quality PU imitation leather.The real leather or cloth art can be customized according to customers¡¯ requirements.


1.Ergonomic design;

2. Seat can move in high strength double-slide rail;

3.Adjustable backrest and headrest;

4.Seat height may be angle adjusted;

5.Seats can be moved back and forth;

6.Folding / angle-adjustable comfortable seat armrest;

7.Seat can rotated 360 degrees, multi-point positioning;

8.Foot pedal height adjustable / folding;

9.Column can be vertically lifting;


1.Slide rail and positioning base uses the high strength aluminum alloy, inside and outside decorative mosaic made of stainless steel;

2.lifting column with steel¡¢stainless steel synthesis;

3.The seat lifting and tilting, move back and forth, back angle adjusting are used in steel structure;

4. The seat back and the seat cushion adopts the steel inner core and PU cold foam forming disposable sponge synthesis, outsourcing leather or cloth;

5.Pedal steel plate inner core and environmentally friendly rubber synthetic;

6. Pneumatic lifting core components pneumatic bar the use of German imports of Stabilus;

Function data£º

1.Upper part of the seat can be moved back and forth of120mm,height adjustment 60mm, seat inclination angle range of ¡À12¡ã;

2.Seat backrest with adjustable angle of 85¡ã-150¡ã, the headrest adjusted up and down 50mm, handrest multi-point positioning control;

3.The seat of pneumatic lifting regulating range 0-150mm£»

4.The seat can rotate 360¡ãand locked ,4-point positioning control;

5.Seat rail slide in 0-6000mm mobile,500mm rail width and depth 28mm

6.Seat pedal can rotate 90¡ã and regression, upper and lower position adjusting range of 0-50mm;

7.Seat can bear more than 150FT.LB torsion, reached AD grade standard;

Marine Helmsman Chair

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Marine Helmsman Chair

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