Ferry Passenger Seats

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Ferry Passenger Seats

We can provide different kinds of marine passenger seats. This type of seat is a kind of marine passenger seat. The material of the seat upholstery is leather or fabric. You can ask for a recliner. The material is fire-retardant. The fabric is quite durable and the leather is easy to clean. The backrest can be fixed or adjustable. The seat can be customized according to the customers' requirements. For more details, please feel free to contact us. We will provide high quality products and excellent service.

1.Product Configuration Instructions:

With armrests; the number of armrests can be adjusted.

It has seat cushion and the backres, with decorative head, chair foot, adornment to install rails, rail head, rail decoration layering, life jacket bag, installation accessories.

Ferry Passenger Seats

Seat Model

Ferry Passenger Seats


Ferry Passenger Seats

Beam and Rail Decoration

Ferry Passenger Seats

Lifejacket Bag

Ferry Passenger Seats

Table Board and Magazine Bag

Ferry Passenger Seats


A.Chair surface is PU wear-resistant fire retardant high imitation leather or fabric

B.Back is high-density polyester one-time forming cold foam high resilience fire sponge;

C.Cushion is high-density polyester one-time forming cold foam high resilience fire sponge;

D.Seat beams, chair foot, armrest material is high strength aluminum alloy 6063 oxide;

E.Rail material is high strength aluminum alloy 6061 oxide;

F.Beams and rail decorative end cover material is PVC plastic resin;

G.Rail decorative strip material is environmental protection rubber;

3. Different colors and combinations for option:

Please tell us your idea about the color design, and we'll offer the closest colors for you to choose. You can choose different colors for each type of seat design, usually 1-2 colors for each model.

Ferry Passenger Seats

You can also decide how to combine those colors.


Boat Passenger Seats


Customized Passenger Chairs

The dimensions of our passenger seats can be customized according to user's requirements. For example, here's a chair with customized low height. Our standard chair height is 1020-1100mm. It can be adjusted to around 950mm. It is designed for children, or people sitting in the back rows, in order to get a better view, more convenient for them to watch shows, programmes etc. The armrest types can also be changed. We also have enclosed type armrests and square armrests.

Low Back Passenger Chairs

Ferry Passenger Seats

Passenger Seats for Children

Ferry Passenger Seats

Low Height Marine Chair

Ferry Passenger Seats

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