Marine Deck Scaler

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Marine Deck Scaler

Marine Deck Scaler

VR 200 Marine Purpose Mobile Rust Cleaner, is a good choice for hatch cover, deck with large area to remove dust, characterized with fast in speed, high in efficiency and easy in operation.

Main Technical Parameters:

Main Technical Data: VR200

Dimension: 1200X355X950mm

Working Width:200mm

Weight: 68Kg

Voltage (optional):

3x380V/50HZ 2.2kW Rpm:2800

3x440V/60HZ 2.2kW Rpm:3200

2X220V/50HZ 2.2kW RPM:2800

2X110V/60HZ 2.2kW RPM:2800

Spare Parts:
Marine Deck Scaler


Marine Deck Scaler

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