Marine Deck Descaling Machine

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Marine Deck Descaling Machine

Marine Descaling Machine

Derusting machine, be applicable to the ships repair and the steel structure flat surface,curved face and other cave and convex gravamen superficially old paint or the clearance of the rust.have the function credibility,quality to operate lightly simple and vivid.Labor strength low,in addition to the rust speed is quick,efficiency high etc. characteristics.especially the knife have structure novel, each razor blade can adjust automatically, then assurance the intact knife attend a work. the extension knife have service life, adapting various complications surface again of in addition to the rust need. change thus to depend handicraft currently in addition to the rust falls behind situation.

VR 200 marine derusting machineis a good choice for hatch cover, deck with large area to remove dust, characterized with fast in speed, high in efficiency and easy in operation.

MainTechnical Parameters

Model VR200
Dimension 1200X355X950mm
Working Width 200mm
Weight 68kg
Electrical Power 2.2kw
Speed 2800rpm





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