JIS F7319 Globe valve

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JIS F7319 Globe valve

The flanges shall conform to nominal pressure 10K of JIS B 2210

The name plate shall be specified by purchaser as requred


(1). Body: Cast Steel ;

(2). Bonnet: Cast Steel ;

(3). Hand wheel: Cast Iron ;

(4). Disc: Bronze/Stainless Steel;

(5). Valve Seat: Bronze/Stainless Steel;

(6). Packing Bush: Bronze/Stainless Steel;

(7). Stem: Bronze/Stainless Steel;

(8). Washer For Stem: Bronze/Stainless Steel;

(9). Bonnet Bush: Bronze;

(10). Packing Bush: Bronze;

(11). Packing Gland: Steel;

(12). Stud Bolt: Steel;

(13). Stud Bolt: Steel;

(14). Hexagon Nut: Steel;

(15). Hexagon Nut: Steel;

(16).Hexagon Nut : Steel;

(17). Lock Pin: Steel;

(18). Split Pin: Brass;

(19). Disc Lock Washer: Brass/Stainless Steel;

(20). Packing: Non Asbestos;

(21). Gasket: Non Asbestos;

(22). Washer: Steel


JIS F7319 Globe valve

JIS F7319 Globe valve

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