IV Series CNC Gantry Style Cutting Machine

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IV Series CNC Gantry Style Cutting Machine

IV Series CNC Gantry Style Cutting Machine

1.Cutting principle and method:

Precision plasma small-hole cutting: do the small-hole cutting with precision plasma, in carbon steel thickness 5-25mm, proportion of hole diameter and plate thickness: 1:1It can be instead of drilling within a certain range, which reduce the cold working process and working time.


This machine adopts the imported linear rail, and the installation way ¡°L type super-position techniques¡±, which guarantee the highest precision of the machine.

3.The key technical of the small-hole cutting:

1. CNC cutting machine running precision;

2. Precision plasma generator

3. The program nesting software with plasma cutting database

4. Matched CNC system and arc height controller


It can be used widely in the high precision cutting process, such as automobile, agricultural machinery, grain machinery, construction machinery, high-speed train, building machinery, boiler, fan, elevator etc.

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