CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1.Cutting method and principle:

Plasma cutting is a melting process in which a jet of ionized gas at high temperature is used to melt and expel material from the cut. During the process, an electric arc is struck between an electrode and the work piece. The electrode is recessed in a water- or aircooled gas nozzle which constricts the arc causing the narrow, high temperature, high velocity plasma jet to form.

2.Application of range and usage:

Plasma can be used to cut a very wide range of electrically conductive alloys including carbon steel, stainless steels, cast iron, aluminum and other nonferrous metals, etc. In practice, carbon steelí»s piercing cutting thickness is up to 50mm, stainless steel is 75mm, aluminum is 40mm. If the plasma cutting is started from

the edge of work piece, the maximum cutting thickness will be up to piercing cutting thickness twice times.

3.Machine Technical Parameters:

Track Span

Effective cutting length

Effective cutting width

Drive system

Traveling speed


Rail length

deduct 3000mm


AC servo



Note: the travelling speed can be customized to 24000mm/min according to customer need.

4.Plasma Cutting Parameters:

Cutting speed

Cutting thickness

Carbon steel



Stainless steel



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