Explosion-proof Portable Light

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Explosion-proof Portable Light

Marine Explosion-proof Portable Light

Marine explosion-proof portable light adopts seal structure, which make it has good waterproof performance and anticorrosive performance. It fits for illuminating in temperary work place, and can be used for illumination in checking and repairing ship or loading and unloading goods. The handle is made of high quality rubber, and the lampshade is toughened glass, with guard on outside. It conform to GRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIPS, and National standard GB3836-2000, GB12045, En50014, En50018, En60079.

Product Details

1. Type: CFS1

2. Explosion-proof mark: ExdAT2

3. Voltage: 220V/24V

4. Rate of Power: 60W

5. Light Source:Incandescent

6. Lampholder: E27

7. Material: Cast aluminum

8. Protection Class: IP56

9. Weight: 2.7kg

10. Cable outside diameter: 8-10

Explosion-proof Portable Light

Sketch of marine explosion-proof portable light

Explosion-proof Portable Light

Marine Explosion-proof Portable Light CFS1

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