Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel grab

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Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel grab

Electric hydraulic orange peel grab
1. For irregular shape materials such as gravel, scrap iron and ect
2. Imported hydraulic components;
3. High efficiency and flexibility
4. 3D virtual design;
Advantages of orange peel grab
Using 3D Virtual Design, by Interference Checking, the products can be showed in the stage of design, which can secure the product's quality and outward appearance

Widely used in ports, shipping, mine, metallurgy, architecture, waster treatment plant, and so on. Loading and unloading lump cargo, such as scrap iron, pig iron, ore, clinker and waste under any severe circumstances.
Hi-sea provides
1. Designs to customer specification, including volume and unladen weight
2. Fast spare-parts delivery across the world
3. Acceptance testing including certification such as BV, LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, and etc.

Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel grab

Sketch of the electric hydraulic orange peel grab

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