CQX Marine Submerged Motor Pump

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CQX Marine Submerged Motor Pump


This pump integrates widely acclaimed features such as small size, light weight, easy to move and installation, compact structure, high safety and reliablility ect. The pump is basically applicable to marine emergency survival system, and removal of accumulated water in the cabin.

CQX10-16-1.1S & CQX40-15-3 pumps must be submerged when running. The motor pump is not allowed to run under no-water state; For the others, their motors are allowed to conduct no-water running due to their patternsof cooling for motors, which are conducted by water flowing through the interlining of motor casing.

Model Explanation

for example CQX40-15-3

CQX marine-type submersible motor pump

(W) sewage discharge

40 specific capacity of the pump (m3/h)

15 the specific head of the pump (m)

4 motor power (kw)

Performance Parameter














Diameter of discharge




External dmension


CQX40-15-3 40 15 3 2900 380 60 60 45
CQX30-20-4 30 20 4 2900 380 52 50 65 249 613
CQX40-15-4 40 15 4 2900 380 50 50 65 249 613
CQX65-15-5.5 65 15 5.5 2900 380 69 85 100 317 725
CQX250-15-18.5 250 15 18.5 2900 380 69 150 205 385 920

There was a fire hydrant, collocated a water pipe (10 meter or 20 meter) on the pump outlet about the standard ordonnance. The cable was long 20 meter.

Consumer could add speak for the pump inlet fire hydrant and pipe, the inlet filter connected pump with screw thread, it could be removed and installed a fire hydrant, then connected to the inlet water pipes.


CQX Marine Submerged Motor Pump


CQX Marine Submerged Motor Pump

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CQX Marine Submerged Motor Pump

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