VOSTA Dredge Cutter Teeth

Our cutter teeth are replaceable without damaging the dredge cutter head blades. The blades are fitted with adapters for easy mounting and dismounting of the cutter teeth. Dredge Cutter Teeth provides a wide range of tooth systems for any application in dredging. Whether it is for a cutter head, cutting wheel, draghead or for sand, clay or rock, we have the solution for any size dredger.


1. Flared chisels are used for peat, sand and soft clay
2. Narrow chisels are applied in packed sand and firm clay
3. Teeth with pick points are used for rock.
4. Self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production.
5. Increased lifetime, decreased frequency and duration of maintenance.
6. Advance investment casting technology for producing with low cost.
7. Can be customized according to your requirements or can provide OEM service.


VOSTA Dredge Cutter Teeth

VOSTA Dradge Cutter Teeth in Factory

VOSTA Dredge Cutter Teeth
VOSTA Dredge Cutter Teeth