Three Layer Structure Gill Net

Three layer gill net is composed of two layers of large size mesh and one layer of small size mesh. The length of net is generally about 50 meters. Height is generally 5 meters to 15 meters, depending on the water depth. The net is woven by nylon material, which has strong tensile and excellent wear resistance. Three layer gill net has great fishing effect.


  1. Type: Three-layer Gill Net
  2. Material: Nylon
  3. Length: 50m (customized)
  4. Height: 5m to 15m (customized)
  5. Mesh Size: customized
  6. Pendant: Lead Weights
  7. Foam Float

Note: we supply a large variety of fishing nets. We can customize the specifications of nets for you according to your special need.
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Three Layer Structure Gill Net