Three Layer Nylon Gill Net

Gillnet, also known as nylon heddle net, has two types: single layer net and three-layer net. The gillnet is woven by nylon line.

Three-layer structure nylon gillnets are divided into “floating net” and “sinking net”. The buoyancy of the float is 1.5 times to 2 times the weight of fishing net,steel cable and sinkers in the water. The sinker’s weight of each floating net is about 0.5kg.

Gillnet Fishing Method:

When fishing, the rectangular gillnet lies across the river or lake, making the fish voluntarily swim to the net or be pulled to the net. If used properly of the gillnet, most of the fish will be caught.


  1. Type: Three-layer Gill Net
  2. Mesh Size: customized
  3. Length: 50~100m
  4. Height: 5~15m
  5. Material: Nylon yarn
  6. Normal Specification: 50*1.2, 50*1.5, 50*5, 60*4, 100*3, 100*8, 100*10 etc.

Note: we supply various specifications of gill nets. We can customize the products according to your requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Were sincere to cooperate with you.

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Three Layer Nylon Gill Net