Symmetrical Electric Windlass

A symmetrical electric anchor windlass is a type of mechanical device used to raise and lower heavy loads, such as anchors or mooring lines, on boats or ships. An electric motor powers it. The term “symmetrical” refers to the design of the anchor windlass, which typically has two identical gypsy mounted parallel to each other. This design allows for balanced and synchronized operation, ensuring that the load is evenly distributed and raised or lowered smoothly. Symmetrical electric anchor windlasses are commonly used on larger boats and ships, where the weight of the anchor or mooring line requires a powerful and reliable lifting mechanism. They are often installed on the bow or stern of the vessel, providing easy access and efficient operation. We can customize the windlass according to your drawing and requirements. Some of our products are approved by CCS, BV, RINA etc..

Main Specifications

  • 1. Chain Cable Diameter: 19mm to 73mm
  • 2. Nominal Pull: 15.3kN to 226.5kN
  • 3. Anchor Depth: 82.5m
  • 4. Nominal Speed: ≥9m/min
  • 5. Nominal Drum Load: 15kN to 160kN
  • 6. Wire Rope Diameter: 13mm to 32mm
Symmetrical Electric Windlass

Drawing of Symmetrical Electric Windlass

Main Technical Datas

Symmetrical Electric Windlass
Symmetrical Electric Windlass