Stow Net

Canvas stow net is one kind of stownet for fishing which is anchored at the bottom of the sea, relying on the canvas installed on both sides of the net mouth and taking advantages of the water impact to force the economic aquatic species (eg. Yellow croaker, Trichiurus haumela, shrimp etc.) into the codend of the net.

Features of Canvas Stownet

  1. Saving oil for the boat; can directly catch fish once the canvas stownet is anchored well, no need to set sail the ship;
  2. Large fishing capacity;
  3. Fixed by anchor which makes it flexible to change the location of production and operation;
  4. Can be operated in deep water; having large operating range;
  5. Nets are easy to be collected; aviod wind attacks


Large fish catching nets, suitable for fishing operations at sea.


We produce various specifications of fishing nets. We can design and manufacture fishing nets according to customer’s requirements.

Our Service

Our company supplies both finished and semi-finished fishing nets to meet customer’s different demand. If you want to know more information about our product, please feel free to contact us. We’re sincere to cooperate with you.

Canvas Stow Net

Stow Net