Steel Three Point Caliper Gauges

The measuring ranges of Three point caliper gauges are separately 80-130mm, 130mm-230mm, 230mm-350mm,350mm-480mm,480mm-750mm. It measuring precision is 0.02mm. The three point caliper gauge utilizing math trugonometric function and vernier measuring principle is a special measuring tool for the three ribs cylinder ,the cone bit and the tube etc. It made up of high quality carbon tool steel T10A .



Measuring Range

Reading Valve

Indicating Error

80-130 mm


130-230 mm


230-350 mm




480-750 mm



According to the measured outer diameter, the three-point caliper with suitable specifications is applied, and the rounded parts are placed in three measuring surfaces of the three-point caliper, so that the complete circular part of the tested part is in ideal contact with the measuring surface. The diameter of the circle is directly read on the ruler and the vernier scale.