Single Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass

A single gypsy electric anchor windlass is a type of marine equipment used for raising and lowering an anchor on a boat or ship. It is powered by an electric motor and has a single gypsy, which is the part that grips and pulls the anchor chain or rope. The gypsy is designed to fit a specific size and type of anchor chain or rope, ensuring a secure grip and smooth operation. It is important to choose a windlass with the appropriate gypsy size to match the anchor system on your boat. Overall, a single gypsy electric windlass is a reliable and efficient tool for anchoring a boat or ship, providing convenience and ease of use for the operator.

Main Specifications

  • 1. Chain Cable Diameter: 19mm to 73mm
  • 2. Nominal Pull: 15.3kN to 226.5kN
  • 3. Anchor Depth: 82.5m
  • 4. Nominal Speed: ≥9m/min
  • 5. Nominal Drum Load: 15kN to 160kN
  • 6. Wire Rope Diameter: 13mm to 32mm
Single Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass

Single Electric Windlass Drawing

Main Technical Data

Single Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass