Seine Net

Seine net is an advanced fishing gear which is the largest net in marine fishing production and has the highest net production. Seine net uses the long strip net to surround the fishes through the quick release of nets by the fishing boats.

Working Theory

  • First, the seine net vertically stretches and forms net walls in the water, blocking the fish to escape around.
  • Second, gradually shrink and close the bottom of fishing nets to prevent the escape of fish.
  • Then hauling the nets and narrow the encirclement, forcing the fish swim into the cod-end.

Seine Net Fishing Object

Middle and upper fish in clusters such as chub mackerel and sardines


Suitable for coastal and ocean tuna seiners


Fast settling velocity; high mesh strength;standard mesh size


made from nylon, polyester, polyethylene warp knitting mesh or knotted mesh


We supply both finished fishing nets and semi-finished mesh for our customers. We can customize the fishing nets according to your specific requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us.