Purse Seine Net

Purse seine net is made from nylon, polyester, polyethylene raschel netting, having the advantages of high strength, fast settlement speed, standard mesh size. It is mainly used for fishing squid, mackerel, SCAD and other species of fish in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea.

We can not only produce all kinds of mesh but also design and manufacture purse seine nets and other finished fishing nets according to customer’s demand.

Advantages of Purse Seine Net Compared with Traditional Seine Net:

1. Less Labor Employment. A conventional seine boat needs 16 laborers; while one purse seine net only need 12 laborers.
2. More amount of fish caught. A purse seine net boat can be implemented automatically; each night can catch three times due to the fast speed of fishing nets into the water and outside the water. While, one conventional seine boat needs manual operation, thus it can only catch fish one time. Therefore, the fish catches of purse seine nets is three times of the conventional seine nets.
3. Excellent wind resistant ability. The purse seine net can do fishing operations under the 8 to 9 levels wind; while the normal seine net can only work under the 6 to 7 levels wind.
4. Can fish in deep water. The purse seine net can fish in about 150 meters water depth; while the conventional seine net only fish in the water whose depth is above 60 meters. That is to say, the purse seine net can be used for open sea fishing, while the conventional seine net is suitable for inshore fishing.

Comparison Between Purse Seine Net and Conventional Seine Net (Sheet 1)

Name Specification

Total Weight (per net)

Weight of Each Mesh

Mesh Junction Type and Raw Material

Weight Ratio (per net)



Purse Seine Net

16~18 tonnes

12 tonnes

PE Warp Knitting

4~5 tonnes about 40%



PA Warp Knitting

3~4 tonnes about 35%



PES Strand

2~3 tonnes about 25%



Common Seine Net

4~5 tonnes

About 3 tonnes

PE Black Crape with Knot

About 3 tonnes



Comparison Between Purse Seine Net and Conventional Seine Net (Sheet 2)



Speed of Putting Fishing Net

Speed of Hauling Fishing Net

Fish Catch

Laborer (per boat)

Fishing Conditions

Seine Net Range

Fishing Effect (Mesh Opening Degree)


Fishing Area

Purse Seine Net

3 times/night

Mechanized Operation

Fish Suction Pump 5t/hour above three times

About 12 persons

1. Fishing at the 150 meters sea depth;
2. Fishing in the flows in different directions;
3. Fishing in open sea;
4. Fishing in the 8 to 9 grade wind

Above 1200 meters (16~18 tonnes)

1. Strand: good;

2. Warp knitting: common

Big investment 10 million to 12 million RMB

Opening degree 1200 meters

Common Seine Net

1 time/night

Manual Operation

Manual Operation

About 20 persons

Fishing in the shallow sea and inshore sea, cannot fish in 7 grade wind

600 meters (4~5 tonnes)

1. Knotted net: bad;

2. Netting is easy to be wrapped together

Small investment 4.5 million to 5 million RMB

600 meters

Purse Seine Net

Purse Seine Net