Pipe Handing Crane

  • 1.The standard range of vacuum pipe lifters guarantees you everyday nonstop control over your pipe’s. The vacuum pipe lifters are of excellent quality and cover a wide range of lifting capacities. All vacuum lifters are equipped with the same pump and control unit. Suction pads are exchangeable with other vacuum pipe lifters made by Vlentec.
  • 2.The light weight beam makes it possible to use the vacuum lifter in combination with a light weight carrier. It saves twice, on machinery costs and much more on ground staff costs. SC110 is the lightest lifter, especially designed for pipes with a maximum weight of 11 tonne. The SC110 is equipped with two integrated lifting lugs and is also suitable for both of our rotator combinations.
  • 3.The SC 150 is a mid-range beam with a vacuum lifting capacity of 15 tonne. The SC150 can be equipped with a heavy duty rotator or with one central or 2 bolted on lifting lugs. All possibilities will keep the lifting capacity at 15 tonne.