PE Fishing Net

Polyethylene fishing net has knotted and knotless types. Each type has its own special advantages. We supply all specifications of PE fishing net to meet your demand.

Features of PE Knotted Fishing Net

  1. Using high strength and high toughness polyethylene monofilament yarn with breaking strength 7.5g/D and knot strength 5g/D;
  2. Moderate twist of mesh yarns, stable mesh size, compact mesh knots, neat mesh;
  3. Mesh yarns specification: 20~80tex/4~180ply, mesh size 12m~2000mm
  4. High fracture strength, good abrasion resistance, high finish, anti-UV, anti-aging, long service life;
  5. Suitable for cage acquaculture, marine trawl net, purse seine, deep-water anti-wind net cages and so on.

Features of PE Knotless Fishing Net

  1. Adopting 250D to 380D high strength and high toughness polyethylene monofilament yarns, with the breaking strength 7.5g/D;
  2. Stable mesh size and smooth surface, no hurting to the fish; large mesh opeing degree and light weight due to its no knot;
  3. Mesh specification: 250D to 380D/ 4 to 1200ply with mesh size 6mm to 2000mm;
  4. High breaking strength and knot strength, good wear resistance;
  5. Appliable to freshwater net cage aquaculture, marine fishing nets such as seine nets and dragnets.

Available Types of Fishing Nets

Gill Net, Trawl Net, Cast Net, Seine Net, Stow Net, Inflatable Lift Net and other types. The fishing nets can be woven by Nylon, PE, HDPE, Polyester materials.


Applicable to the oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches and other waters for fish catching and farming.

Our Service

We supply both finished and semi-finished fishing nets/meshes. We can design and process specific fishing nets according to your special requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

PE Fishing Net Meshes

PE Fishing Net