Nylon Gill Net

● High Quality Nylon Material – Long Service Life
● High Quality Lead Weights – Anti-rust and Corrosion Reistance
● ABS Vacuum Plastic Float – Strong Buoyancy and Tension
● Nets are Not Easy to be tangled
● High Quality White PE Material – High Transparency in the Water, Not Easy to be Detected by Fish


  1. Type: three-layer gill net
  2. Material: high quality white nylon thread
  3. Thread Diameter of Outer Net: about 0.25mm
  4. Thread Diameter of Inner Net: about 0.17mm
  5. Mesh Size of Outer Net: 30cm
  6. Mesh Size of Inner Net: 10cm
  7. Depth: 1.5m
  8. Length: 200m
  9. Weight: about 4kg

Note: we supply various types of gillnets. We can design and produce customized gill nets for you. Any specifications can be customized. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. Were sincere to cooperate with you.

Nylon Gill Net
Nylon Gill Net